A retreat is time away. Time to step back from the busyness, distractions and obligations of our daily lives.  It is time and space that you take for yourself; time to re-connect and re- create; to rest, think and heal. 


It may be something specific is happening in your life or it may be that you just need a break. 

Whatever the reason, we meet people where they are, offering space for rest and reflection, sound guidance and support, as requested, in a nurturing, peaceful environment.



Day Retreats/Workshops

 Day retreats run from around 10.00 am until 4.00 pm and can be on a theme or include periods of led meditation, reflection or devotion, lunch, drinks and snacks.

If you want to run your own workshop here, they can be either with lunch provided or you may choose a bring and shared lunch.  Either is fine. We can discuss what you need at the time of booking. 


Spiritual guidance


Spiritual guidance sessions are a time when a guest can openly explore their relationships with themselves and the divine - however they like to express that. They can bring whatever is on their mind to the session in safety and confidentiality without judgment. We work together to help the discernment process.  

Each session is an hour.



On individual supported retreats, we will work together to deepen your understanding of whatever issue is at hand. You can talk freely about your spiritual life or anything else you want.   Because Gramarye is small, we can often tailor to your needs. Please feel free to call and discuss your proposed retreat with Melanie. 

Self led retreats are just that. Guests can stay in silence,  stay with themselves or have up to one individual guidance sessions per day of your stay.  You may join with almost anything happening in the house at the time of your stay if you are the only one here. If there is a supported retreat happening at the same time as you are here, there may be an hour or so a day of activity in the main retreat room that you are not able to join. This is rare.

On group retreats we are a community for that time and share in the life of the house as we follow together the retreat programme.

If you want to bring your own group and follow your own programme,  that is fine.  Please call to discuss numbers and any dietary requirements and book early as weekends tend to go fast. 

  Please ask if you do not see what you need.