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A retreat is time away. Time to step back from the busyness, distractions and obligations of our daily lives.  It is time and space that you take for yourself; time to re-connect and re- create; to rest, think and heal. 


It may be something specific is happening in your life or it may be that you just need a break. 

Whatever the reason, I meet people where they are, offering space for rest and reflection, sound guidance and support, as requested, in a nurturing, peaceful environment.


A tailored retreat here is a very powerful and beneficial tool. We work together to deepen your understanding and discernment of whatever issue is at hand. This is very often through close listening, observation and encouragement - or sometimes, with permission, gentle challenge. You can talk freely about your spiritual life or anything else you want without judgement. 

If appropriate, I  sometimes use guided meditations, relaxation and simple ritual or devotions to help you gently and safely access or gain perspective on some of the things that might be bothering you.


The retreat is tailored to you and we can add or change as needed in response to your needs. You only do what you feel comfortable with.  As an example we would have an introductory session over tea on arrival, short morning and evening meditations and one or two hour long one to one sessions a day. There is always time built in for you to sleep, walk and be alone - again - in accordance with your needs.


Self led retreats are just that. Guests can stay in silence and on their own or can opt to have  an individual face to face guidance sessions with me. 


 I ask all prospective guests to complete a pre retreat questionnaire before coming so that you can tell me as much or as little as you want, and I can reflect on what you might need and prepare.

All personal data is held confidentially and securely.


Spiritual guidance


In spiritual guidance sessions you can openly explore your relationship with yourself, others and the divine -   however you may like to  express that.  You can bring whatever is on your mind to the session in safety and confidentiality without judgment. We work together to help the discernment process.  

Each session is an hour.

Anyone can book a guidance session. You do not have to be staying in the house.

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