I came that they might have life, and have it more abundantly. John 10:10


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Gramarye House, Bush Road, Spaxton, Somerset, TA5 1BX

About Gramarye



We seek to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for guests to rest in. 

Our aim is to help guests discern and deepen their own spiritual pathway, find

meaningful connections and widen their spiritual experience and awareness. 


We offer guests a personal approach, seek to appreciate the sacred in everything and encourage connection with our deepest selves and with the divine.  Silent prayer and quiet reflection are used regularly along with various meditative techniques. We also value the engagement of all the senses and the employment of ritual on appropriate occasions.


Everything is optional. We ask our guests to let us know of anything they may particularly want to explore or anything they would feel uncomfortable with, before arrival. Our small size and approach mean we can tailor to you.

Hospitality is warm and non intrusive.  ​The atmosphere is informal and relaxed but respectful. Noise is kept to a minimum and sensitivity to each other's needs is encouraged. 



The ideas of journey and process are important concepts for us. Here we value the idea of pilgrimage, both figuratively and literally. As we are ideally placed, we encourage our guests to walk when here if they can. We can help you plan a route and provide packed lunch if needed.  We also work with guests in one to one sessions on identifying their own spiritual journey and help them discern landmarks and signposts. 

In 2020 , we will be providing themed retreats on Pilgrimage with large discounts. See Pilgrimage page.

Group retreats, workshops and themed weekends

The aim of everything we do at Gramarye is to encourage, enable and promote a deeper connection with God, creative force or universe (whichever term you feel comfortable with), and self. We seek to provide this not just through retreats but through a range of regular and ‘special’ groups, day workshops activities and themed retreats run by guest leaders whose aims are creative and consistent with our beliefs and values. The leadership style is open and allowing, giving permission to ask questions, explore and discover.  

Church groups and other groups are very welcome to come and run their own retreats/away days here. 


​Meals are simple, healthy and generous and almost entirely vegetarian.  Please tell us in advance of dietary requirements so that we can make sure we have the right ingredients available.



​Bring what you feel most comfortable in. You are welcome to have breakfast in your pyjamas or stay in ‘lounge wear’ all day.

There are few pavements and it can be muddy so please bring sensible foot wear and something waterproof and warm.

​About the team

Melanie, owns and runs the house as well as leading individual retreats.


By background I am a liberal, catholic (small 'c') Christian with strong leanings towards the mystical and contemplative traditions. I am inspired by and find joy in the overlaps with other belief systems and practices. My interpretations are broad but, hopefully,  robust and I believe that our spiritual lives are at the heart of all that we do and are,  and that we need space, flexibility and creativity along with discernment and commitment to expand and develop them. 

Having juggled life and work as a single unsupported parent with a good dose of trauma and struggle enroute, I have insights into our human condition which, combined with my lifelong interest in different spiritual paths and formal training as a Church of England priest,  give me a level of experience and perception. I studied theology at Oxford University, have practiced meditation from various traditions for decades and have run retreats and spiritual groups over the last 20 years.


I feel that we rarely have or take the time or the space to explore who we are and how we connect. It is a great privilege to be able to offer this  house as a place that is safe, supportive and beautiful for us all to do this in. ​


​I provide spiritual and life guidance, do the cooking and offer hospitality, compassion and acceptance to our guests.


Julia co leads, with Melanie, some of the group retreats and runs Yoga days workshops and retreats as well as the monthly early morning devotion - Sadhana.

I have always been interested in ways to support, both physical and emotional, health and wellbeing and am both a teacher and an educational psychotherapist. Through this work, it has become increasingly clear to me that union between the body and mind is essential to growth and healing.


My journey has included an increasing sense of the value of the feminine and its importance in society and in our spiritual lives. Kundalini Yoga aligns with this.  I am passionate about the practice and trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  I love the modern application of this ancient science to develop flow and vitality for our whole being and a real appreciation of our personhood."

Lee has just started to help with techy things, social media and marketing. He is energetic full of ideas and enthusiastic as well as fun to be around. 

Carl is honest, reliable and a problem solver. An invaluable help,  he does the maintenance on the house inside and out and keeps it standing.