Guest Information

Covid 19  - Safety - Please read


We are trying to retain the relaxed and peaceful feel to the house whilst making sure we are all safe - this is of paramount importance. There are certain things that have been adapted to facilitate this.   Please would you fully  follow the guidelines and your common sense.

  • Please sanitise your hands as soon as you come into the house.

  • Please remove outdoor shoes and leave in the hall. 

  • Please let us know immediately if you feel anxious,  if you have any symptoms and if you feel there is anything else you would like to see done or where we can improve. We are all learning. 

  • Obviously stay safe and at home if you develop symptoms before your visit or if you have had contact with someone who has the virus. 

  • Please dispose of tissues in the bins provided straightaway- do not leave on the floor or tucked down the sofa.


All beds are now single twins to aid in stripping and washing.

  • Rooms can only be shared by couples or with someone you are already in a bubble/group with. Sharing is at your own risk. 

  • As part of Seva, you are asked please to strip your bed and put all used linen including mattress protector, bath mat and towels into the plastic bag provided.

  • Unless you are on retreat on your own, instead of helping yourselves at the table, meals will be pre-served in the kitchen using gloves to avoid you having to touch utensils used by others.


  • All hard surfaces in rooms used by guests are sanitised between every use.

  • All bedrooms/ensuites are cleaned as usual and and sanitised between guests.

  • Anti bacterial wipes and santiser will be in the hall for your use if you need.

  • Feel free to bring gloves and/or masks for your own use if that makes you feel more comfortable.



​Meals are simple, healthy and almost entirely vegetarian.  Please tell us in advance of dietary requirements so that we can make sure we have the right ingredients available.


​Bring what you feel most comfortable in. It is very informal here. You can have breakfast in your pyjamas  - or even lunch if you like. There aren't many pavements and it can be muddy so please bring sensible foot wear and something waterproof and warm.


Retreats start at 5.30 on the day of arrival and finish at 11.00 on the day of departure unless otherwise arranged. 

Breakfast is usually some time between 8 and 9 depending on your programme. 

Lunch is at 1 pm

Supper is at 6.30 pm allowing time for evening devotion before bed if needed.


Guests are asked please to strip their beds and empty bins on leaving.

Please see Covid safety guidance on this.

Rules of the House

  • Outside shoes are left in the hall. 

  • There is no smoking anywhere in the house.

  • Alcohol is not permitted except on feast days and celebrations. 

  • Use of technology should be kept to a minimum - it is up to you to decide what that means but you are having a break, time for you, don't spoil it with answering work emails.

  • There is silence in the house after 8.30 pm or whenever an evening session ends, until breakfast the following day. 

  • Please keep noise to a minimum at all times - another guest may be sleeping.

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