Everything at Gramarye is about encouraging and enabling a deeper connection with ourselves and creative force, Spirit, God or universe. (whichever term you feel comfortable with). 

The aim is to help guests discern and deepen their own spiritual pathway,

find meaningful connections and widen their spiritual experience and awareness. 

You will not find traditional worship here but devotion in many forms.  

Meditation,  mantra and tools from other religions and spiritual pathways are used along with some of the teachings of  the guru, Jesus ; released from their dogmatic chains and freshly interpreted.  

We might use poetry or ancient Celtic nature rituals. We might be silent, we might dance, we might chant.


Whichever tools we use , we never ask you join with anything you are uncomfortable with.

We honour you, ourselves and we honour the divine. 

You will not find a pious lifestyle here but a real one, that is lived with healthy irreverence, humour and love.

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Aims and Beliefs

Here guests are offered a deeply personal approach seeking to appreciate the sacred in everything from meditation to washing up.


A healthy aim for our lives might be to see and understand ourselves as made in the image of the divine and as living in God.  Already. As we are.

Awareness and re-membering our own sacredness are key. 


This may involve re-approaching and challenging what we mean by God. 

 Too often our views of God;  as male, external to us, a judgmental authoritative parent, have diminished our sense of self, of the feminine in us, in society and in the divine itself.  


Sometimes our relationship with the divine has been reduced to one of obedience and guilt which seems limited.  "I came that they might have life and have it more abundantly" said Jesus.  Many of us , over millennia have reduced a message of generosity, liberation and transformation, into one of rules and doctrines which diminish the power and life of the relationship offered. 


This may mean we need to challenge and dismantle false narratives,  or it may mean gentle healing and reassurance. 


Whatever we do, we do with compassion and the desire to enable you to be more of who you are - beloved and loving, and able to open and receive the abundance of the universe that is ours.   

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We challenge traditional dualistic narratives.

We honour the earth and the divine in nature.

We look to the divine feminine to balance the masculine. 

We seek the divine in us all.